The Scott name is renowned in the boat manufacturing industry for solid workmanship and integrity. With over 30 years experience and excellence in the boat manufacturing industry, our boats are manufactured with personal attention to each and every detail.

Each boat is manufactured with solid hand laid fiberglass (no core).  The lapstrake construction process used for over 100 years adds to the torsional stiffness, preventing twist and flex.  Master craftsmen, technology proficient and a fully trained skilled workforce are employed.

The hand laid manufacturing process is overlapped at the chines, keel and transom using only top quality materials. The Calypso Boats are truly a blend of beauty, versatility and longevity.

Fishing trips offshore of 60-80 miles, in heavy seas and returning the same day are the norm in the Caribbean and the Calypso boats handle these trips effortlessly.

Ideal for pleasure boaters, commercial fishermen, charter fishing operators or use as a dive boat, the Calypso name stands alone and leaves the competition in its wake!

The Calypso boats are manufactured as luxuriously or as bare bones as you wish. Each boat is built to order to suit the specific requirements of the individual customer. It will run offshore, handle rough seas safely and comfortably, and fish well - all at a comparatively low price.

Several options can be factory installed (see additional items available).

Our boats can be shipped worldwide at competitive shipping rates making the Calypso a viable and competitively priced option even when you include the cost of shipping.


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